Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Prompt 83

Each Wednesday, I post a new prompt. At midnight (Pacific Time) Friday, you will be able to link your writing to this site.

This week's prompt: seeds

Be creative!

Welcome to Sunday Scribblings 2, and enjoy!

Sunday Scribblings 2 will be discontinued at the end of August, if participation does not increase. Thank you to the faithful few who have stuck with us from the beginning. It's been a good run.


  1. Well thank you for hosting so far Magical - perhaps we can incorporate it into the whirligig which seems to have a good following too? just planting a seed of thought! Do tell me to shut up if necessary ;)

  2. And thank you for hosting - it has been a good run

  3. Curiously I quite like single word prompts as that permits the writer to be freer in their writing topic. Multiword prompts somehow trend toward a theme created by the strongest words in the selection.