Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prompt 31

Each Wednesday, I will post a new prompt. At midnight (Pacific Time) Friday, you will be able to link your writing to this site.

This week's prompt: sacred threads and marigolds

Use the whole phrase, a fragment, or a single word in your writing, and then share it with us!

Welcome to Sunday Scribblings 2, and enjoy!


  1. This is a lovely one - thanks magical!

  2. Jae’s right. I had a story idea from it instantly. Had a few hours 8/2 and 8/3 to draft it and finish it before getting back on the road. It ended up needing re-working, but I like the story so much I’m determined to finish it, so I’ve added a placeholder post on my site and will put it up when it’s done and consigned to posterity : )